Everyone Is Now A Demon Hunter In World of Warcraft

Overnight, World of Warcraft has changed forever. While there were 11 classes before, most of which had some degree of popularity, now it’s filled with Demon Hunters as far as the eye can see. Demon Hunters have been introduced to World of Warcraft as part of a pre-Legion patch. […] I think WoW is lacking…

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World of Warcraft's latest update pays homage to Destiny

World of Warcraft’s latest update pays homage to Destiny

Stay Connected. Follow Polygon Now! Like 609K × World of Warcraft slipped a tribute to Destiny into its latest patch, which prepares the MMO for the Legion expansion at the end of the month. The Easter egg is a vendor named “Xur’los,” and if the name isn’t enough of […] Click here to view original…

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What's Up With World Of Warcraft's New Double-Jumping Fetish Elves

What’s Up With World Of Warcraft’s New Double-Jumping Fetish Elves

World of Warcraft ’s second hero class goes live this week, and there’s a lot more to Illidan Stormrage’s elite Demon Hunters than meets the blindfold. Sometimes they can triple jump. Blizzard’s Demon Hunter developer preview will tell you all about them. The MMORPGs second hero class starts life […] Click here to view original…

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